Friday, July 10, 2009

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La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha, ya no
puede caminar, porque
the falta, porque no holds
marihuana que fumar.

... I challenge anyone of you to say that does not recognize these words ... impossible ...
... The song is Mexican and for those who wish to learn a bit of musical history could go to this link:

However, in this case the music does not fit your
nothing ... rather it is an opportunity to find the first negative point of this visit ... canario
The translation of the text is simple and intuitive even for those on n
knows English:
The cockroach, the cockroach can not walk
Why did not he, because he lacks Marijuana to
To be precise, the "cucaracha" here in Tenerife, but I believe in all of Spain is that I'm going to explain below:
Meet the Periplaneta Americana, better known as Roach or if you prefer, I propose a series of eponyms in various dialects:

Calabria cùfa , vlattica, Bratta
Campania Emilia-Romagna Snout
bigarunzèla, Vecia b'gón, Panaroni, burdigón
Friuli-Venezia Giulia grison, Bacoli
Lazio Liguria Lombardia bagun
bordocch, Babol, babulòn, babulìn
bagarozzo Marche, Bizzarrone , veca
Piemonte Puglia baboia
Magnotta, scaravàsh, Malota, scarafaggiu
babalottu Sardinia, preta, carrabusu
Sicily Bratt, scravagghiu, pappapane, faluca, Papaccio
Veneto bao dark, skied

.... now .... I do not know if here Bratte (the Sicilian) spend their time smoking marijuana, and in this case I can not imagine who would be their drug dealer, but one thing is certain ..... bracts walk here ... indeed .... run .....
The funny thing is that the Canary Island residents do not seem to notice ... they seem to believe that peaceful coexistence and now has become the way to distinguish a true Canarian by a tourist any.
The typical scene takes place on the avenue (Avenida Arquitecto Gomez Costa) I walk in my day (I hope for now) very limited transfers Hospiten-Hotel-Hotel-Hotel-CaffeEpoca is above all a night scene but it is not difficult to eat it at other times the day consists of athletic and jumps sideways or sudden shots worthy of a sprinter made by individuals or groups of them (not strictly Canary Islands) during their walks when they come across these cute animals .... this demonstration athletic continuously monitor a strange ritual that is hard to beat my feet against the pavement in a kind of tribal dance performed especially by the males in the group but which are not excluded from even the females of the species .....
..... I must confess that I am not immune to a sense of revulsion at the sight of bracts in spite of my sisters have spent our childhood in the country as we stand to handle almost anything alive can be found in the country of flying, crawling or other .. ... bracts but ..... the bracts not .... the bracts just make me sick ....
.... I do not know why I expected on an island after all small and mid-ocean in the bracts had no chance of getting in place and it would seem that we were born here .... perhaps it is true .... it is they and not the man at the apex of the evolutionary chain .... and they tell me anyway that their presence increases in summer (en el verano .. anzi. ).... has to go '... no?
I hope you forgive me for any horror that may have caused the diary can not speak exclusively to work .... However I can assure you that their presence detracts from the island's touristic infrastructure ... But ... probabilmete will end the tour operators will offer sooner or later "Bratta's safari ... who knows .. might be an idea ...

As for the job tomorrow begins my first weekend on call .....
We'll see .....
Good night to all ...


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