Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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Once again I am faced with a book that recounts the difficulties of companies to grow their own child and put it in legalistic mechanism.

I'm talking about "Little Boy Blue," written by Edward Bunker (1933_2005) in 1980 but released in Italy thanks to Einaudi big freestyle in 2003.

Bunker in his life has known for years what it meant to go in and out of jail, going to consume a variety of cells institutions in California, reaching even to the notorious San Quentin prison .

From his "intense" life has drawn strength and inspiration going to write must for lovers of crime novels: Animal Factory, Like a wild beast, dog eat dog , Stark Education and a rogue. Among them is the protagonist of my review, one of the best of its kind.

looking more specifically the novel narrates the adventures of Alex Hammond, child buffeted for years (1943 to 1949) between social workers, schools of recovery, petty criminals ready to grow fast and nasty and authoritarian figures.

All this is told as if we were on a roller coaster is a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from the hope of a reconciliation of the protagonist with society and with a "normal" life, to fall steeply towards the hatred against everyone, against adults not able to understand it fully, against the authorities (embracing in too the dangerous criminal life in California since then).

The conclusions I draw from everything are many, but I would like to focus on just two .... the most important: the randomness that goes to determine a life .... and neglect (by the authorities, and in this category the judges and put in charge of juvenile prisons) of these young lives to the cruel fate. Each page exudes a strong sense the inevitability of life, the difficulties inherent in all of us, to exit the vortex of negativity in which we affogando.Gli meetings, actions that Alex performs in the period mentioned in quite the wrong direction with very little room for correction.

Whenever we approach the turn, by will or luck, come into play the 'large' (adults) and with hasty and unwise decisions erase all the love stored difficult for the protagonist.

Ultimately Bunker, with his writing, she did put herself back in another life in another dimension ... so the jury is positive ... but not quite.

The beginning, say the first quarter and then some, it seemed too similar to his autobiography (The Education of a rogue). Needless to say, Alex is part of part of the same scrittore.Comunque recommend it, because while not a masterpiece, leads to interesting ideas and deepened.



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