Thursday, November 15, 2007

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Shoals, quick and clever.

These are the titles most likely to me spring from the mind thinking about the last book read and analyze that here: "The issue of Cell No. 13."

This short novel written in 1905 (the titles so gallant refer to the pages that make up the work) from Jacques Futrell (1875-1912) I was particularly involved. But let's degrees.

Meanwhile, we must make a discussion about the author.

Born in Georgia in a family of Huguenot origins clear, the author has always felt within themselves the great creative force in writing and live art to 360 degrees.

In the early 900's pleasure (also to refine his style so concise and precise) in journalism, working for magazines such as the value Boston Post, the New York and Boston Herald American.

The job of the journalist was just a stopgap for a great mind like his, he knew within himself that he would have dared so much more by looking in his imagination and intelligence in his character to be able to live among paper and ink.

The classic light bulb lit up in 1905 with the publication in serial form in the Boston American of the "amazing adventures of Professor Van Dusen, nicknamed" The thinking machine. "

Right between these adventures we go to find the novel that inspired me with so much impetus to write this article.

"The problem of cell No. 13," is a story (of only 60 pages ..), set in a maximum security prison of Chilsholm, which is based on a bet so mad as it is fascinating: The machine thinking would have been locked in cell No. 13 with the goal out within a week only with the use of the intellect.

This is the great protagonist of the story: all about obsessive observation of every detail, the various false leads likely to distract the guards, at various ruminations the protagonist's attempt to undermine the workings of a trial almost impossible.

But the motto of the professor, then also the author, is that the use of intelligence and a strong dose of perseverance that can lead to passing any test.

Everything is perfectly balanced in the novel, nothing is out of place, great care of the logic regarding the search for a solution and great care is placed in the use of suspense.

Quest'esordio at the time was so well accepted that the newspaper decided to allocate a sum of money to those who had managed to find a solution as quickly as possible.

was a small literary event that the author could not fully enjoy.

fact Futrell sought new inspiration and new editors in the old Europe.

After a while, took a strong nostalgia for home (and associated kids) decided to go back using the first, sensational ocean crossing from the Titanic .

Needless to say, how did it .... I can only mention the vivid image in the eyes of the last surviving wife no longer able to save themselves, Futrell decided to smoke a cigarette on the deck of the ship already inclined.

A last image other times, however, suggests that what we are talking about character.

The work is published by the publisher Polillo.

Trust ... Happy reading.



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