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67 Mustang Plastic Model Car


Era il 1986 quando uscì il film che diede il decisivo impulso alla carriera di un giovane attore belloccio ma con ancora molto da dimostrare dal point of view recitative: Tom Cruise .

The film in question was Top Gun (directed by Tony Scott ), one of the classic action movie ever made and the highest rating for pubblico.La story tells of the difficult competition among eligible candidates to become candidates the best drivers in the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School (call from more Top Gun).
Among them is the protagonist of "Maverick", played excellently by Cruise, who is paired in the air and on the benches of the school with "Goose" (Anthony Charles Edwards ).
Key features Maverick is the immense talent in flight and in combat knitter of feet high, but also a strong sense of discipline to the authorities.

This will lead to obvious problems, clashes with more or less accessible, with another "great" of this film: "Iceman" starring Val Kilmer .
The film's main sparring partner, however, is pure action: great credit should be recognized that the director is that he has had from the outset the intention to focus attention toward the sky.
In this great training camp and the coming battle were shot among the most virtuous and beautiful scenes dedicated to aviation.

No effect with the computer and any digital manipulation, everything has been placed in the capable hands of stunts and real pilots of the aircraft, making first-hand the difficulties but also the great courage of the characters, defying gravity, duel with strokes of spectacular maneuvers.
The outline of the film is still very "classic" and not much different from other action movies :
characterization of the hero, fighting with rival s, romance, difficulty achieve the goal (always excel) Proceedings of the final mission and epilogue.

In the film itself, then, is not entirely original, and indeed this aspect can only be debated by the nose to the purists of the seventh art.
But everything is seasoned with a touch of magic that few films can still give: the machismo released in abundance by Maverick (in fact his performance was much appreciated by the female adolescent in particular), the U.S. Air Force claimed efficiencies and fascinating as the hard training school that has often been cited.

Four-five years after the release, still small and I saw the film I was totally fascinated by the magic created deliberately by manufacturers regista.Mio main goal was to emulate the deeds of those in the real pilots.
And it was this great goal that inspired the whole project: to try to recruit more young people as possible in the various military corps.
And they got it fully, having achieved the highest participation rate after Pearl Harbor .

also not be underestimated, as part of its appeal for those who still have not seen the film, is the presence of young players and then later become famous (Kelly McGillis all), and the soundtrack with two songs that stand out: " Anthem" by Harold Faltermeyer / Steve Stevens and "Take My Breath Away " of Berlin (winning an Oscar for best soundtrack ).

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