Friday, November 9, 2007

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" In recent times, some individuals apparently unrelated, have developed special powers. While still unconscious, these people will be called not only to save the world, but change it forever. Each story has its beginning. The first volume of their epic begins here . "

Going through the attic and opening a lot of boxes stored in the time you can find items but most of all childhood memories become dormant over time.

That 's what's happening to me since the beginning of September, without reopening any case and without going into any kind of closet / attic (because I is not an attic).

Thanks to a TV series I'm rediscovering some sides of the child in me, and this is both exciting and a little 'concern for those around me (irresistible involution).

This cult-series is broadcast on Heroes Italy 1 by next September and the end of the first set.

As you all know, the writers (Tim Kring all) they based the story's narrative sull'intreccio more stories about the lives of the protagonists.

latter are the most beautiful can be created to tickle the interest of those who, like me, loved and still loves the stories of men with super powers, struggles between good and evil powers spectacular and carriers of both fortunes and misfortunes of comics in general.

This series of characters, highly characterized, with open eyes we relive the stories that just in our attic imaginary memories we have made to put away.

How many days spent reading comics Spider man, Batman, or those of (just to name a few, because the list is too long ...) dreaming of repeating their feats of heroes but while burdened by the same fears of us ordinary mortals.

In the series we have the flying man, the man who can read minds, the man who can describe the future, she can regenerate her body, the man who knows how to bend the spazio_tempo traveling in quest ' last etc etc.

But turning our eye to the side dedicated to the deeds of these characters may be, series, both reductive and content for the segment of the public who can touch.

fact, everything is brought to a grade of "layering" of stories that may have a valid comparison only with well-established and acclaimed series such as The Sopranos , Lost , 24, etc ...

The stories intertwine with each other going to compose a dense network (up to 10 characters simultaneously followed in their actions), consisting of twists and tension scattered here and there, that drives the entire product onto a step higher than seen previously.

Another feature (always inserted a fantastic writer) is to place nodes around which the story unfolds, next to topics of current tight: the relationship of Western society with the fear of difference, fear of terrorism act dictated to revolutionize the world, and ' integration (all set in a society, the American, who has had these problems almost always do). It is also clearly took the cue from the comic strips: they are also part of the history and often make their entry directly in the hands of the protagonists.

So as we see can not be considered, as many critics have noted, a series devoted to only one segment of the public televisivo.Non why the United States has had considerable success, and I decided to dramatize a series of spin_off on the characters and more interesting in history.

as enshrined in Article I did not want to reveal anything special series, omitting names, events, because it would be a crime to do otherwise.

I hope that Italy will continue in the future in a subsequent series forward ... for me .. for us to continue to daydream ... making kids go back .. with intelligence.

Peace and prosperity



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