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The Gunslinger - The Dark Tower EP 1

I finally busted a taboo that has long blocked the chance to get me through the words of Stephen King in a world much like magic to my fantasies nascoste.Sto more talking about the series of Dark Tower composed of no less than 7 books reprinted from all Sperling & Kupfer . My real gripe, until now, had been to reject a reading so complex and rich in volumi.In my heart I knew that I would like to live this new "adventure" but precisely this impulse that I felt inside, I put stakes purchase of the first book.

So I feel totally prepared, do not rush into stato.Ed and so I did well because I'm sure you first read this book 10 years ago I would have taken quite as it is doing now.

I feel inside me that is emerging that emotion that few other cultural works (records, films, books) carrying the same story at a level of depth that I hope will continue after the end of the reading.

Maybe overkill, having only read the first book (The Gunslinger ...), but the King's visionary talent has now opened a breach within me.Adesso go more to the history of (trying not to reveal crucial elements too) and also give space to those in other works from which inspired the writer.

The work was written in two distinct phases of life of the writer, the first creative cycle (composed of the first 4 books) written in his youth, and the second (consisting of the last 3) written after the car accident that I was paralyzed making (1999). The common thread that binds 7 books are the situations regarding the gunslinger Roland of Gilead to search the protagonist of the story: The Dark Tower. Just the world described and where it takes place so far the story is infused with elements never found together in other novels I have read: The fantasy, the 'horror the western and science fiction . It is this mixture of elements, potentially dangerous put together, has brought a wave of "epic" to the narrative, making me appear in my mind images of two other masterpieces such as The Lord of the Rings (the book) and The Good the Bad and the Ugly .

From the latter, the writer, took a lot of inspiration (as shown by adding an insightful introduction to the reprint of 2003).

The trilologia 's ring has always been an obsession for the author, both for the power for both fiction and evergreen struggle between good and male.Invece the film made him now totally fascinated by the desert environment, the drama and characterization of the protagonists so strong.

All these features are found already in the first book by a description of the main character about his past and from a first clarification (though still vague) about the reason for which is desperately trying to find and break the Torre.
The dialogue is almost always well chosen, and the descriptions of the fighting are appropriate, giving the reader a sense of loss due to lack of knowledge some aspects fondamentali.Quest 'past are released during the unfolding of history, clarifying certain points and diverting attention to others, but always very sparingly.

This also brings the reader to "eat" the pages to discover, to understand, to find the reason for too much mistero.Personaggi bizarre, dangerous creatures, dangerous and fascinating women, children from other worlds, magic and lead, cosmic dreams and citations of other works (and more ..) are the background to everything.

Ultimately not begin to read if you are not convinced, because you take body and soul, fighting alongside Roland to go forward, to discover, to give an answer ...... living hard, very hard ......
ps: I also came out in Italy in the transposition comics (Marvel ) of some aspects of life Roland.Dalle origins to the research of the tower. The name of the series is The birth of the gunman .



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