Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cortisone Injections Tingling

Open Letter to the policy of Veltroni.

The election of Veltroni ( my partner) was too soft, considering the events that occurred in the Senate in the weeks before the fall of the Prodi government. Now you stand out in signorinilità but not soft, (you furi pull the nail and respond with bread bread and wine to wine, if you want to really change this country because the Italian firm year a cultural level to forties, they do not understand the difference but evaluate the substance and you introduce yourself to the voters of the substance in it You had very little). Do not forget that you own the value of being clean and fair is a great achievement, but lacks the political vocation, predatory instincts and sixth sense, which unfortunately you have lost, incorporating part of the Democratic policy. The game of attacking Bellusconi saying that the Communists were eating the children got his result, there to blame trasformadovi into easy prey, sheep inidefese (you should see you a little bit Comizzo the square of seventy eighty years when the communists not only children but also ate in like thieves vacant Berllusconi; in my country it is said that Umon and die by one thing, but dying from Umin of shit it is a ' other). In addition you have been penalized by the fact that during your campaign around Italy and are based on people with no balls to first experiences, forgetting that you were on the eve of a political vote, you have been afraid to cry to the world who was Berllusconi, (as he screamed at the pinocchio pinocchio). You are a gentleman and you've been penalized, it's okay, this is Italy, which loses the hair but not withered, not the first time that happens! (Asking around a bit no one admits Cast Berllusconi, but then the result is obvious) choice of the shadow government and a good thing but is geared to counter the new government, poor value and transparency, but full of arrogance and cronyism, this way of doing politics without Russian roulette is a sense fraggile and potentially dangerous, if not implode sooner or later, will explode in the hand. In this direction the party should guide the observatory, highlighting all means, media and the dangers facing the country and its democracy, accusing management of this right as it has in the past blamed the policy of Prodi, rising inizziando gasoline than the bread to the trash and many other problems that will not fail to appear. We are going through a period of tragic events that will alter the history of this nation as those who govern us today is the result of a fluke that you are not completely turned off.


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