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Why Does My Dog Have High Hematocrit

COMPANY Blut ....

Already the image that I posted above you can imagine the content insane in this film shot in 1978 by one of the most talented of Hollywood : John Landis .
The director of Chicago wanted, with all their strength, create a history of breaking with what has been done precedentemente.Il result of all this led to the screenplay and the direction of Animal House. Appreciated at the time, but more importantly, capable of collecting still many fans.
Following the article and, especially seeing it will know why ....

The film tells the story of the internal Faber college consists of two organized groups of children as protagonists: the group Delta (casinos, the real protagonists of the film) and the Omega Group (the "coconut" professors and deans, Winners of tests of skill, sporting events, snob, ostentatiously rich and ready to stab behind the delta group of them while hunting from campus).

The heroes of history are the boys of Delta, able to entertain the audience with their good-natured vulgarity, casino, plans totally no-nonsense, architected with the primary purpose of being able to "rip" the sufficiency half of the .

In the latter recite famous actors, some more than others: Tim Matheson, Tom Hulce , Stephen Furst, John Vernon and .... John Beluschi !

I say very candidly that without his contribution from real "crazy" on the scene, the film would have lost a good chunk of that grotesque vein that has marked.

In Animal House, John plays the character of Bluto Beluschi real protagonist of his "faction" following the adventures we can have fun seeing the jokes he created (mainly for the hated Omega and the dean of campus) , its colossal drunk, its the sudden outbursts of temper, his love of visceral and child in spying on the girl's room while you change (the scene of the scale attached to the window is one of the highlights ....)

All this is topped with a few lines recited by the actor during the film.Infatti his comedy is based in his expressions, his gestures and taken to an extreme high rate of insane, in a situation where you go to hunt.

In short, a so-called ticking bomb ready to explode in a college which made discipline one of the most hard to meet.

Bluto Clearly will not act alone, but will help by beautiful companions united in the way of life: the "total fancazzismo.

was so important to the result of style and content of this film that is worth remembering two things: first, the couple Landis-Beluschi rilavorerà together a couple years later in a project that changed in some ways the comic to the big screen ( Blues Brothers with Dan Aykroyd adding ), and secondly, this cult led years later (speaking of '90) is true and boom comedy starring and college students.

An example is the series of American Pie, which was well attended, but little consideration of the critics, and especially low quality compared to the animal dropped in House-Beluschi Landis.

short, a film seemingly "simple", but in reality, full of ideas, quotations, and some light years away from production comic due to the triviality or vulgarity, low alloy.

As usual .... recommended ....

ps: the toolbar is shown in tipaccio Bluto ...



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