Sunday, October 28, 2007

Older Ladies In Knickers


What I am about to review is a work that it is difficult to categorize as a novel or noir, or any other literary genre.

What I'm about to review is a written work, but still not quite finished , Such a complex and complete to stay a step above everything I've been read.

What I'm about to review is the work that every contemporary writer would write only one ..... But I had the opportunity, driven by talented and had ups and downs in his hard life: one is James Ellory.

Before going to talk about the work I would like to mention the life of the writer.

James Ellroy was born in Los Angeles on March 4 1948.Dieci years later, his life was inevitably affected by a death that will always bring in: the violent death of his mother Geneva (died of a beating), killed in front his eyes.

This was only the first step towards a teenager living on the edge of a precipice ready to open under his feet. Abandoned by his father, a vagabond and active witness of a city that does not make allowances, consumed by drugs, but a great lover of books of many consumer magazines and noir crime news, James is once more hit the heart, as if the story of the death of the mother could not spell the end.

same neighborhood where he lived was one of the murders committed the most heinous of America: the case of the "Black Dahlia".

was a case that shocked the public and the same year James was haunted in his sleep by the violent images that overlapped both the mother and the Dahlia.

Hence the story writer dell'Ellroy In fact years later to defeat the bad memories and anchored to a past life, James decided to create his most famous work titled with the name of his worst nightmare LA DALIA BLACK.

From this book begins a career of major recognition and success increasingly important outside of the United States.

But in the second half of '90 James attests to his art a little higher than before.

In 1995 and 2001 are published in the first two books of a trilogy (the third is in the works) published under the titles of "American Tabloid" and "Six Thousand" can scale the positions in my special list of readings preferred.

These books tell the story of four characters in a period characterized much of U.S. history from 1958 to 1968.

Kemper Boyd, Pete Bondurant and Ward Littel Wayne Tedrow Jr: they are the great protagonists who act against the backdrop of great social and political changes both on American soil, and live directly among the highlights of that period (the crisis in Cuba, the saga of the Kennedys, the affirmation of the Klu Klux Klan, the remarkable collusion between the billionaire Howard Hughes and the Mafia families etc).

The author stages a huge dramatic and choral recitation of the fantasy and real characters that come into contact or collision with each other groped for the acquisition of more power as possible. Mobsters, politicians, union leaders, prostitutes, pimps, players, secret agents, lawyers involved in all .... good and evil above all in a story that many times it makes us wonder ... ... innoridire makes us reflect on the power the lobbies and the true nature of a country that we took as a cue to fundamental values \u200b\u200bas freedom and democracy.

Ellroy, with a style now undergo tests based on raw write / violent but effective dismantling a background built over time and shows the darker side of a generation that has forever changed the destiny of a nation.

The characters, as you scroll through with the reading, acquire power involving first-person narrative that the reader feels drawn into the action for a thousand volte.Aspetto with anxiety the last episode, the key that will make me go even further in mechanisms so sophisticated and layered that few writers could afford, thus making them exciting.

I recommend I highly ... discover these readings with a different eye another America ..



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