Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is Chlamydia More Common Than Hiv?

Stardust ....

tonight I am writing my first impression / review on a movie (but call it that for me is a little simplistic) On Monday evening I saw and I was very impressed.

The film in question is already SUNSHINE Danny Boyle, director of special films, but with large following from both the public and the critics (TRAISPOTTING _28 hours later). The

film tells the story of seven astronauts parties (in 2057) in a long and mysterious journey towards our most important star, the only one able to give life to our dear and beloved country: the sun (which is inexorably turning off)

latter is in some way on 8 astronaut is part of the Icarus 2 (the ship carrying the load of people, food, large stocks of oxygen and the device can awaken the beast hot and red). Exactly as I said the sun is present in the souls of the crew from the first scene from the minds of the director.

Create sadness, loneliness, anxiety, desire for revenge to a scripted destiny, to something superior to us, something that is slowly dying ... dying ... making

Its brightness is comparable only to that of a deity after death .... feel the burn skin, eyes looking into the light ... in Galicia is a unique sensation which remain nearly paralyzed the crew .... . The clash ... but also their inner x x us is strange but effective .... cmq one hand the darkness of nothingness ... the other part of the blinding star ...

In half of men in their intelligence .... ... simple .... just in their being together in a confined space .... encumbered by a single RESPONSIBILITY ... realizing that they are only dust stars. A

are going? What is the fear by looking at the start and end?

These are the questions I asked myself during the movie and even after ... .. I hope you see it and you can comment .... ps: great music of the underworld that give a sense of restless and empty .. and superb photography (the sun is magnificent).
Love the solitude of the film .... the sun will warm ....


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