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I doubt this Porcupine Tree 'years have tickled the hearts and above all the mp3 players of their fans turning out two full papers (cd + p) after a little time apart.

But let's Order: Fear of a Blank Planet is work related to the genius of Steven Wilson (lead singer, frontman, creator of most of the texts and multi-instrumentalist). The wizards wrote a series of short stories linked together with each other by a thin line that unfortunately characterizes our society: the malaise of the younger generation that leads to quarrels, violence, drug use, and lack of awareness of time passing remaining helpless situations ahead of increasingly empty.

The work is pervaded by an apocalyptic analysis of the lives of young people, with a little analysis on the relations of the latter almost morbid with TV and video games and on the frenzy that accompanies all this, hard but with lyrics that basically leaves traces of hope.

From the perspective of the musical group, stood at levels above appreciated album (Deadwing) x above all the use of explosive and haunting guitars of Steve and John Wesley (vocalist and shoulder for much ecletticao their concerts).

not disappoint even a bit 'Gavin Harrison (drums, percussion), who with his confident style and rhythm changes that can thrill to the sound refined and provides quell'imprevedibilità hard concept. No less important are the other two travel companions, Richard Barbieri (keyboards) and Colin Edwin (bass) and create the proper atmosphere upon which is embroidered the theme of the songs.

Inspired by literature and Edwin Barbieri provide the paper and ink while Harrison is the wind that runs with both sweetness and brutality pages Wilson writes rhymes of extreme sadness and beauty. This is the track list:

Fear Of A Blank Planet (7.28)
My Ashes (5:07)
Anesthetize (17:42)
Sentimental (5:26)
Way Out of Here (7.37)
Sleep Together (7.28)

In my humble opinion, the most successful songs (nn only the most beautiful but most of all those that convey the message x which it was born the whole project) is the title track, which incorporates in particular inspired an unprecedented rate cut by the previous work (Deadwing), then I want to put that Anesthetize 17:42 accomplishes with its many changes of pace with beautiful intertwining guitars and keyboards (the central solo guitarist Alex Lifeson of Rush) who are completing this ride prog.

There are also intimate moments, when the company takes a breath from the pace kept up to that point. I'm talking about that starts with the gentle Sentimental Barbieri plan that serves as base to the voice of Wilson extremely delicate here.

boys nn, however, have satisfied the work raggiunto.Hanno wanted to add to their discography another little bit more dedicated to the younger generation (with related problems).

was released in mid-October the Nil Recurring ep contains 4 beautiful gems + perhaps its shining beauty than Fobp.

These 4 songs were written at the same time it was created in all previous work but have not implemented it in a different style of composition x under a renewed perspective on the same tematiche.Quindi No one has to think quite a waste, indeed we are faced with real musical taste.

From the point of view of style for me to have lowered the defenses of the pure Prog to let the stave + rock peppered with psychedelic colors (cmq you feel it is a fairly close relative of the elder brother) . Scrolling through the various topics he feels once the importance of + in the much sought after form of the keyboards that create quell'omogeneità of sound that has few parallels. This is the track list:

Nil Recurring - 6:08
Normal - 7:09
Cheating the Polygraph - 7.10
What Happens Now? - 8.23 \u200b\u200b

Note that the title track was written entirely by guitar wizard, but in general + guru of the universe Music in its entirety, and that Robert Fripp (founder and singer of King Crimson).

Other goodies are the recovery of part of the text in the Sentimental centerpiece of the presence in Normal and What Happens Now? a riff taken from Anesthetize.X particular as regards the beauty of the songs you choose are all great ....

Ultimately I would like to recall that the former group is on tour there are two stages in Italy: Rome and Milan November 17 November 18 ..



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