Sunday, June 22, 2008

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Author: Lynn Allen

CAD Treaties:
AutoCAD - AutoCAD LT

Lynn Allen is perhaps the source of Tip & Trick Autodesk most of the world followed. Have to say the least popular on the screencast pubbici CADALYST . In his blog takes over the main concepts, perhaps in an even better compared to the exhibitions screencasts in its production.

For the most part, are offered Tip & Trick or simple graphical interface functions almost always aimed at an audience of neophytes, and certainly a bit 'rates for an audience of designers or planners for a moment "savvy." The exhibition is very "American" and then a mix of arrogance and dismissive trivial technical sales, and always obsequious of the parent Autodesk, little hope of finding an objective opinion.

The updates are quite frequent and the cut graph is very simple, often preferring the content aspect of the published articles. All in all a blog to watch.

I also congratulate the photographer that, in the profile picture, and those used for accompanying publications, has done an outstanding job. It seems like a "before and after the treatment."

last note on the copyright, absent here.


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