Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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CAD 3000

ID: 20080616-1

- Blog


Author: Gianluigi
and Alberto (I could not find the surname.)

CAD Treaties:
- Various'
- Focused on engineering

A blog on engineering I was missing. The idea is premievole. This is a series of posts in mo 'index of resources allocated the area of \u200b\u200binterest. Picks up a bit 'of everything from CAD to Thermal calculation, the structural capability is inherent to any engineering topic.

The appearance is attractive and the style, tending to work, it is very dry and concise, but always with his good image and its link to the software or related subject matter.

The update is infrequent and the sin of "initial enthusiasm" with a month of 64 articles: cabbage are more than two a day! ... then of course you get tired.
(I had not even heard ... in the meantime I was writing this post has published one.)

The rank is stellar: rank 5. Congratulations to those who have occupied SEO of the blog! Among other things, the blog is devoid of the various reciprocal links, which now plagued most sitarelli hungry for visibility. The only drawback: the google ranking, I do not often rewards.

Again I could not find information on the copyright of the content.


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