Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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Between the lines I Love

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Author: Shaan Hurley

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We have just one thing clear: the undersigned is not worthy of review this blog. Having said that I try the same.

The blog "Between the Lines" is, in my opinion, one of the most authoritative sources on the Autodesk world. It is one of the most visited blog, and fortunately has taken the counter RSS subscriptions. For the "beggars" as yours truly is humbling to read about big bucks.

For all those who deal with Autodesk is a must, and if you buy a product of such software house version 2008 or later, in integrated RSS reader, you are already mapped to the feed. You can find all the advances in the world Autodesk, the best Tips & Tricks, and much curiosity about the cad.

The language is informal, often humorous, and never academic. The posts are full and rich with external references, while maintaining all the skimpy, revealing a high capacity for synthesis.

The update is constant and frequent, and the amount of posts and huge but well-managed through the tags, and of course, is searchable.

Disadvantages: Almost none. It's a blog, and then there are also space for "Autodesk moments of life" and if we just look for "nit" We certainly can not look for criticism of Autodesk products or services. Maybe too much Political Correctness is the only negative. The absence of a claimed user license is a dissonant note, especially for a blog of great visibility.


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