Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How To Writewedding Anniversary Letter

Thanks to all who participated in the event of the year 8 July 2008 in Rome.

thank you sir,
of having participated in an event that somehow break the will of those in the country tries to become a Democrat so drammaico period in the history of our country a normal event. The policy of our
country has failed.
We are the joke of the world.
If the Americans had little regard for us in these days we just disgusted year, publicly and permanently.
replication Schifani the event was held before a Senate initially vacant, the same is Schifani barzelleta the moment.
In the coming months will witness the disintegration of our country's major companies like Fiat, Alitalia and other important pieces of the Italian economy.
I join the event and everything is in place and said as true.
That the Church is the bane of the nation already knew that.
to go for help in these moments? only you all, citizens can be my spirit-political and social relief.
Do not give up I am with you all.


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