Saturday, July 12, 2008

How To Make A Toy Motor Boat

I talian

History teaches us that the onset of pain and self destruction of the people and always linked to the rise of a character within a more or less tied to its existence. Today our government is represented by a subject that I can not place in the history of our country, certainly not the height of Benedetto Croce or Pertini! For my efforts collocarllo in its most obvious, call the office and set an insult to the founding fathers and writers of the Italian Republic. Unknowingly with a cross on a sheet of citizens have traded in their subconscious for some personal benefit democracy and equality of our nation. Who would have imagined that fifty years after the birth of the Republic of the individual votes of many citizens, skilled and confident you would be transformed into single slaps to those addressed in the past gave their lives for our freedom and equality. The sacrifice of the many dedicated analysis and project my thirty years of democracy lived. An analysis of all vacant and the future reflects the past in all its naked nature, moment by moment. Today, thin and ephemeral vision of hope hesitate peace of me only in the sweet embrace renunciation of all forms, both in principle and in both the human value. So my remaining time to resign as utility applies to those who meet on my journey. The pain that I bring in and linked to the political rhetoric and self-destructive policy of CapMan's first republic, the policy for which I was given a gift, today presented his report to a person who has nothing but itself to pay off its debt, an account that never will pay because the eye of the global economy are nothing. That policy, which as a ghost, now reappeared in the personalities of the institutional roles highest of our nation. May the good Lord have mercy on us. This analysis can now write to memory of those who lived before me and for which they sacrificed. I hope someone else to someone else in the future generation, she can testify otherwise by myself, giving the right value to those who died believing in equality. Leaving behind this ugly Paggino policy of good will put it in the history of our country.


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