Friday, December 26, 2008

Rodney Mullen Online Book


ID: 20081226-1

- Blog Azienzale

Author: Unocad (FMC Ltd.)

CAD Treaties:

- SmarTeam

More than a blog is a news system of business located on the wordpress platform. The post, although centered on proposals and business initiatives, are well done, sufficiently well structured, with insights that go beyond the mere journalistic system.

Interesting areas of application of three-dimensional scans and hints comfort products PDM - TDM - PLM or otherwise of data management company. As a former certified technician SmarTeam welcome a revitalization of the excitement around this product, which I always considered valid, even if "outside targhet" compared to small and medium businesses.

updates, for now, are constant and the display is clear and concise, though aimed at acquiring new customers, mainly marketing material, rather than loyalty. The language used is too emphatic with respect to products sold, price will often be paid as the editor of the blog is the seller of the products there reviewed.

I hope the blog to evolve into a communications platform offering information on the solutions, even from the technical and functional.

I have not found any evidence relating to copyright.


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