Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why Does Amyotrophic Happen

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See shudder when I think of those old balls of grandparents once they did not understand a C. ... and now they complain because they feel abandoned, not only physically but also spiritually and morally, the fact is that no year passed nothing of their struggles, are nothing like years never counted it not for the children there for their grandchildren and even for themselves because years chasing the jerk the holidays such as football and well-supplied at the cost of his wife, the game eight. See here turns around a point never grasp its significance. Today we discuss issues that grip and slow down the spirit of our young people in all areas of the university to the student and worker at home who should risolverlle these issues, who now sits in the House as Senate, people convicted in absentia, convicted of prescriptions, aspiring to condemn that wander through the top, consider that self-condemned, convicted of ad personam laws, etc.. etc.. What I want to say and how you can change the country when the tail of the fish stinks from the head. You can not change the gerantocrazia the Italian people when they sit at the top people who are not worthy of that place. The basis of our populism today more than ever is identified for exchange, friendship and well rewarded by the political Occor when the citizen is no less before the ballot. This is the culture eraditata for fifty years of Christian Democrat power, the culture of the low social value to those who instilled would make us a new generation of strength, not a mass of sheep looking for a permanent job. The fixed place who had it handed to the children of wives, lovers friends business associates and so on. etc.. and leave it until you find a gun to his throat as the chair of the Villari viglilanza Rai, if everything's gonna hurt him Zompa as a brand and stick on the rump of Berllusconi. Remember that scene in which the Russian soldier running away from West to East Berllino throws the gun and jump the barbed wire, this here is the policy that is presented to us, who we have seen we have seen. That policy of ME ... Who knows maybe it will take years and you have to scroll so much blood, it will end only when the population torn capsize dictatorship by making the wall types as Berllusconi and family and friends. Until then we can only hope in the ideology of DiPietro and then the next vote to save that little bit of Italy that will leave us.


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