Friday, September 19, 2008

How Much Cake For 80 People

request to the Vatican

the Christian Church, I wonder if a Christian will never have the same courage of Pope John Paul II who had the strength to ask forgiveness for all the crimes committed by the Inquisition. Who knows how many centuries must pass asks you for forgiveness from the Italian people, crimes and complicity with the related policy of the last 60 years, openly support Democratic politics from the pulpit and with it those who were the forerunners of the economy that we find ourselves today. For the priests and the Church say that times are changing and that we will not always ignorant peasants and elements that have been the main levers of power and survival of the Church, from ancient Rome. Today the old folks start to use the Internet and that time and finished as well Communism and what you do not do not know, the story will haunt you in the future. Without an objective history that there will be a tarllo destroy Islam from within and will take over.


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