Friday, September 19, 2008

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the rebirth of the partisans

An open letter opposing the anticipation of the line of the Berlusconi government, which seeks to disintegrate the rights obtained from the struggles waged by the Italian people since the Second World War to the present day. In the swing of
rifome, he seeks to amend the Constitution written in the blood of our beloved ancestors.
advantage of the chaos resulting from the early historical events modiali of the two super powers such as Russia and America, found that years of their game cards on the table in Italy. Catapulting violently in the political arena of our nation and proud to be only after consultation Lider paragonabbili Mahmud Ahmadinejad to the rules that were written (albeit with the American legal) persons that Berlusconi will never dream of politically equal, and if it will be remembered Mussolini will be like a twenty-first century. Those rules or what's left of it belong to the community and are too prezziose to be rewritten by a single character, a people that any son of usher, singer, businessman, knight, secretary, president and who is in and so forth but is always only one and more than three times a day can not eat.
For the third time in his rise fnalmente and managed to secure a near or total immunity, which protects it from any event which might interessarllo, inteligente from his birth and the precarious state of rest mass and forced thousands of people, would abolish the law and with the sostituirlla ' army, destroy the union, divide the country with federalism, expanding the economy of their families while impoverishing more and more that of Italy in general, with cuts in health, school, administration, and the subtleties of the taxes are more and more heavy peremptorily. For him, everything is rosy, you have not noticed that it became the guarantor of our individual property, movable and spiritual prestiggio culture and what little is left to Italy for him, a strong country and wants to gamble in the pot and efficient global economy. And you gentlemen are in the hands of a character review and considered by the U.S. government, European Union and the rest of the world, as the last of the Mohicans and wants to represent us in the World. This is not an idea, but a perspective that takes shape more and more in a short time and that the Lord will protect us from these long five years of suffering, but I wonder where it will execute the polls that much-vaunted freedom of the people, and where and over the television channel of freedom that the satellite that collected the views of the urban poor us, poor you.


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