Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do You Tip In A Pet Store

Waiting for the spark

You see dear Sir, a little over a qinquennio a new service and was paid by the state to collect the debt and restore the partially defcit perpretato politicians hundred right of the first Republic and continued mismanagement of the state machine with a head who is hiding behind the scenes first. As I say, tax evasion against a new administrative tool was materialized in companies that change every time as producing damage to the people. Born with the name of Gestline Eqitalia signing today, these companies every day many impoverished citizens. Not being controlled by any State administrative body and supported by bad machine that is used to generate measures and Charity that result only in countries with dictatorial regimes of. Today on the Web 1% of people who have been victims of this instrument, write and rebelled against the blackmail by the fomula of thousands of folders ingiunzine pagmento delivered to the citizens of Notre beloved homeland. We comunqe too few, but when I get 'the moment just a simple spark like a dead by police as happened in France or a person who prophesies the Messiah, to start the bloodiest uprisings of our nation's history ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT against the current public system. Berllusconi preaches well, but Razzola evil, and that ten against communism because the Communists ate babies, but is the most common of all Communists in salvagurdare their interests. France at the end of 700 was the first with the French Revolution, I hope that all of us would know not to do the same against the forces of the state but with their putting down. Meanwhile Write down and remember well the names of those signing the folders that come home and to whom and the head of these companies. Write and jealously kept giving way and the possibility of a future poterlle find. Because today you rock and you have to be there but tomorrow might be a hammer and then ........


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