Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why Don't Balloons Filled With Air Deflate

We as we

Italian in Italy is :

Immigrant : For obvious reasons,
Mafioso: For obvious reasons,
Corrupt : For obvious reasons,
Terrorist : for obvious reasons;
Thief: For obvious reasons,
Dirty : For obvious reasons,
Selfish and Fascist : For obvious reasons,
Accattone : For obvious reasons, illiterate and ignorant
: For obvious reasons,
poor in spirit and values \u200b\u200bof : For obvious reasons,
Traitor: For obvious reasons,
Sold: For obvious reasons,
avid player : For obvious reasons,
Buggiardo : For obvious reasons,
Murderess : For obvious reasons.

S only ono of the many features that has won since the second world war the Italian average, particularly since the end of the First Republic, although it remains well short of average, given that today there is rich and poor, the rich are in majority, however, given that 70 - 75% of Italians who now identify with Berllusconi. The polls are clear and obvious as a clear and shame I feel when in any nation of the European community feel so disprezzante be Italian. With all our wealth, our advanced democratic society is founded sull'assistenzialismo Russo American are the rubbish in the world. For obvious reasons we are in the same manner as the Albanians, the Albanians even as the Turks and all the countries of Eastern Europe today live better, are not persecuted by the state economically. The Cold War never ended, nor diminished, it has only moved the line, whereas if the first was materially visibbile Berllino with the wall, but just as evident today and invisibbile, bordering the countries of Eastern Europe. (They are forgotten friends, forgotten Berluscooo not friends). Today we are in the era of globalization we face an economic revolution that detrminato 10 million unemployed in a few years and we are only beginning, be happy and peaceful because Berluscooni capitalist nature and quiet and the right man at the right time in the right place, with outstanding credentials both morally and personally, to make Italy leading in the global economy, especially now we must trust we shall divide and stay near there now disgusted that his wife must be assumed as we shoulder the crisis of capitalism that bill 2 trillion euros. Italy poor, poor Italians. Capitalism like communism, and failed, but we are both young and old individuals are struggling with their probblemi; young people with drugs with calcium and Mediaset television while gli'anziani probblemi drown in a made for TV soap operas as a place in the sun and Terra Nostra. While no one looks Tremonti dancing a minuet on our skins. ?????....


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