Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Colloidal And Rosacea

Here Radio London attacks Santoro

It 's a! SHAME! that a gentleman of Ferrara, Ex.Spia CIA is unreliable in terms of moral, cultural, political and social. To the delight of Berlusconi (shamelessly admitted by Ferrara) now works as a prostitute in the early evening all the holy night "and break" with his comments on hypothetical questions the actions of people from my point of view is not 'not even worthy of mention . How disgusting is Vergoni! Confuse the Italians with his shaky perfect information. "Poor Italy", which has to absorb! I wonder how the BBC with a press release does not dissociate from this travesty of this gentleman, "Good evening, Colonel," that somehow muddy the historical memory of a symbol that has been x tt the years of World War 2 direct entry of information and pragmatic separate from the comments. The Ummmmm Ferrara has made another of his. that story. Poor Italy.


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