Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sample Baby Shower Dedication


Che confusion. L'altra mattina

mi avvicino roundabout way of Azaleas, coming from Mazzocco, and I see that are driving a gray convertible peugeot like mine.

Hey, sis! It's the first thought. But the first thought was a sob dismay (if a thought can have a hiccup of any kind).

peugeot Within that I'm here. And I see that for a moment the more I look at me.

Now remember: Twenty minutes ago I walked the round, coming from my studio to shoot in because of Azaleas and looking for someone to Mazzocco if I was him, I saw a peugeot cabrio gray as mine and I thought, hey sister ! And I seemed to see in a guy who screwed up eyes ...

I am afraid that I found a shunt in space and time.

In a worm hole .

a moment and maybe I found myself on Betelgeuse or Alpha Centauri , rather than because of Azaleas. Perhaps

Gusp and Zunckker have occurred here with this system and, perhaps, come from Sirius ...


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