Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oily Scalp By Diagram

Just cathedrals of culture

Not long ago, museums were proudly called" cathedrals culture "by their managers, who attributed the main role to collect, preserve and display the best art. Today, this museum is designed considered the most simplistic and elitist. In response to the demographic and social trends of museum directors hour chase new audiences and seek to interact with the community.

The dividing line between generations of museum directors, however, not clear and often the attention the company has resulted in simple populism. For years we have been served up exhibitions on the guitars of the rock star, or Star Wars on sull'hip hop.

thought today goes deeper. Many young directors see the museum as a modern square in cross-cultural and social exchanges where community members can share their ideas through art, but also where they can just talk or listen music. They believe that future museum visitors will not be satisfied simply by looking at works of art, but rather prefer to interact with them. One example is Marina Abramovic's exhibition "The Artist is Present" at the MOMA, where the audience is offered a meeting face to face with the artists.

New technologies and social media from blogs to Facebook to YouTube, are fueling this trend. The art is becoming increasingly global and interdisciplinary.

- Judith Dobrzinski, The Wall Street Journal, August 24 2010

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