Thursday, February 25, 2010

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John Schiavo Campo

E 'born June 22, 1960 in Milan, where he lives and works today as an independent contributor to various periodicals and art critic. As a poet, after the fold "The herds of the Sun" (Monza 1988), began with "The gold and the fire" (Under the gold fish in Vanni Scheiwiller, Milan 1995). There has, however, between the scattered references to published anthologies and magazines: "Year 2", Supplement No. 2 "Finisterre", "Row" (1993) "World Youth / poetry world," retrospective exhibition of the City of Milan by Biagio Cepollaro and Giancarlo Majorino (1993), "Anterem - Scriptures of the end Twentieth Century" (Verona 1998). Individual poems have appeared in exhibition catalogs and other publications in collaboration with artists from several printed volumes Alberto Casiraghi for editions of The Pulcinoelefante Osnago interventions with the same visual Casiraghi, Paolo Schiavocampo, his father a sculptor, and Lamberto Correggiari; a folder of graphics sculptor Giancarlo Bulli (Persezioni "1991)," And the blackbird? "poetry with its translation in French accompanied by an etching and aquatint by Gino Gini (The books of the Blackbird, The Laboratory, Nola 2005); LAMINETTE engraved and other unique examples of the artist's wife, Jelica typical '. Major theoretical interpretation of a fragment Heraclitus' ("What does not hide the oracle," Manocomete 3 December 1995) and, from a drawing poetic intervention "Timepieces: fragments on the sign as a guide" published in the proceedings of the conference "Scripture and reality - comparing languages \u200b\u200band disciplines "by MilanoCosa (Milan 2000). It forms part of a complex theoretical path, at least in part known, also conducted through the translation from the ancient greek: fragments of Heraclitus, and Empedocles, in whole, the book of Parmenides, whose version is available online *. The result of a search-graph visual undertaken in recent years, guided by the hexagrams of the I Ching, the Chinese millennial prophecy, and aimed at the graphics of the book is rather "Ausa" (2006), experiment in self-publishing with a score of more recent texts to be reproduced by electronic means, both now in version made with the technique of engraving zinc plates (photo-engraving and etching) in 30 copies, signed and numbered, printed and bound by hand by the author.



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