Thursday, January 21, 2010

How Do I Tie Arabian Scarf

Transforming a building into an art gallery for one night. It 's a new trend in the United States where more and more curators are building a bridge between creativity and capitalism.

Ryan Hackett is the owner of two companies, organization of events - one in Chicago, the other in New York. Last December, presented in a new residential district of Washington "Bauble" an event at the crossroads between the art show and open house. have benefited manufacturers, increasing enormously the visibility of their properties, artists who have achieved record-breaking sales and even a 'charity that raises funds for art to educate children at risk socially.

unconventional artistic events are also a specialty of Art Registry, whose statement is "liven up the world of transferring real estate in exclusive". An event presented last April in Providence has produced about $ 30,000 in sales of artworks. The artists always receive at least 50% of the proceeds. Some fear that this

commistinione between creativity and business real estate can reinforce the concept of surface "art as decoration." But this is life. Artists need to eat and builders need to sell.

- From "Jessica Dawson, The Washington Post, January 15, 2010

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