Sunday, April 13, 2008

Georgia Columbus Go Carts

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Author: Gioda

CAD Treaties:
- Autodesk Revit

The blog "LaboratorioRevit" is certainly interesting. It offers a list of objects, tips and tricks about using the latest Autodesk software for architecture.

The update is spread over time and the posts are for the most concise, but well represented with pictures and, quite often, with attachments for download. Personally, dealing face to the mechanical CAD, do not even think that with Revit, you could get the models so modeled.

Many pictures and descriptions of a few, are a highly effective formula, but in my opinion, do not allow a clear understanding of the project posted.

The blog provides an extensive list of references on how Revit is in blogs, sites, events and books. Last

copyright notice is not there. I tried but I could not find any indication of the property and rights to use the work. Perhaps this absence is not voluntary, but merely an oversight.

A blog useful, humble and efficient in its plan as well as being a good source of re addressing on resources that deal with Revit.


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