Thursday, December 6, 2007

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ONE STORY Summary of the week

It was with a "great" music I would go back to living my path marked by much excitement, because every word I write take a moment to say to an artist, for a story that gave me something.

The big question in Mr. Pat Metheny, jazz guitarist / fusion world-renowned, behind dozens of collaborations with other giants of the music ( Ornette Coleman , Michael Breker , Jaco Pastorius , Antonio Onorato , Herbie Hancock etc etc)

Metheny is was one of the few jazz musicians to have brought hybridized with other genres in contexts before then unknown: great commercial success, and even concerts crowded locations such as large stadiums always full of people eager to listen to the "beauty" of those particular notes.

Everything might suggest a lowering of quality art expressed, but this does not apply to the entire repertoire (very large, a real workhorse of the staff) when the guitarist statunitense.Per critics and audiences have come together in a large auditorium dreamy.

And it is hoping to dream that I approached the last work that I "discovered": "Secret Story" of the far 1992.Prima to hear the album I felt a strange sensation of fear sensazione.Una, such as that experienced by a child before discarding a gift: the feeling of finding something well below their expectations.

This definitely comes from my mixed feelings about everything I had previously heard of Pat Metheny: frescoes sound great affinity with his group tested ( Pat Metheny Group ), continue traveling on the notes of his guitar and warm pasty.

not want to lose everything ...

But I say right now, this feeling was further from the truth as I experienced in the last tempi.Anzi the album is amazing, going to install in the first three to four works of the musician.

In fact it was a dream to hear the whole album (composed by 14 songs) transmitting that desire "crazy" to consume the work and to dissect to study it in depth, in the smallest details.

The sound, as usual, you can catalog it in the attitude of classic jazz guitarist to come out of the box and use strictly jazz massive but never out of place electronic scores.

Ultimately everything has been studied in great, making it very smooth and cohesive, the many instruments in play (guitar, keyboards, piano, xylophone, drums, various wind instruments, electric bass, bass, percussion and other instruments) you can not find in-depth individual only after many plays.

This may want to say one thing: the intention of the musician to create a sound wave so compact that we can lay safe closing your eyes and see what they have seen him that wide open spaces, endless expanses where we can admire the immensity of the horizon , great sunsets with a light heart-rending, nature is so beautiful to reconcile us with our inner self.

Starting from the first track (Above the Treetops) that introduces us with a song of many voices interwoven with each other, interrupted by the guitar magic, and then set off together and go into much more rhythmic and methenyana Facing West, passing Central to the songs that give the feeling of spaciousness undisputed (Finding and Believing, Rain River, Always and Forever, See the World, As a Flower Blossoms).

The journey ends with introspection, to see within themselves the love, romance can move as impressive, resting on a tear the last four songs (Antonia, The Truth Will Always Be, Tell Her You Saw Me, Not to Be Forgotten [Our Final Hour]). Even the cover for me with all these images side by side it suggests that this work is in part born of the multiplicity of past experiences and merged into a deep inspiration.

short, a masterpiece of music in general .... thank Mr. Metheny.



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